Marinel Sheu, also known as 'CEO OF VIBE,' is an Albanian digital artist based in Dublin, Ireland. His artistic journey began at the age of 14 with Photoshop, leading him to explore various mediums.

Marinel's work is influenced by renowned Japanese and European artists such as Katsuhiro Otomo, David Hockney, Moebius, Hiroshi Nagai, and Eijin Suzuki. He merges futuristic Japanese city-pop vibes with the warmth of Mediterranean and European culture, drawing inspiration from his childhood in Albania and travels around the Mediterranean.

As a dedicated full-time artist with over a decade of experience, Marinel has collaborated with prestigious brands like Gucci, Disney, Netflix, NBC, and Vice. He has also worked alongside industry leaders and artists like Daniel Arsham and Nabil.

Currently, Marinel is focused on several projects including "The Mediterranean Life," where he captures the essence of Mediterranean vibes during the summer, "Green Shower Thoughts," a popular project featuring cinematic scenes with relatable quotes, and "Streets of Éire," which portrays the essence of Irish streets.

Marinel aims to expand his creative horizons beyond graphic and illustrative design, exploring automotive, industrial, interior, and fashion design with confidence in his ability to bring refinement to all his endeavors. With an active presence on social media, he connects with a global audience, building relationships with supporters and collectors worldwide.